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Liz + Brian at Gross Pointe War Memorial {Michigan wedding photographer}

John Turner - A Great collection of Images that superbly captures the Details, People and Emotions from what looks an Amazing Day!

Kristin mcmann - Dude, you are unbelievable!!! You are so rockin the camera…I hope to one day be half this amazing! Weddings are so much fun to shoot;) God bless sir!

pixil studio - great looking wedding party… and pics


Caitlin + Bob {Tulleymore wedding photography}


We went to an Amish farm for their portraits! It was sweeeet! I have no idea how they found it, but they did. So I knew going in that it was going to be a blast when Caitlin said they’d like to have their portraits there. An amish frickin’ farm for portraits. I love different.

SIDE NOTE: If any of you reading this are golfers… go here to play a round. Like yesterday. It’s a beautiful course and was in fantastic condition. We also got lucky and caught it on a day that was not too busy and had perfect weather.

Caitlin and Bob gave a special treat to their wedding guests at the reception. They rapped the 80′s song Rappers Delight(I think that was what it was)! It was sweet.